Acura NSX
Basic Information:
Appearances: The Avengers
Car Information:
Owner: Tony Stark
Car Brand: Acura
Car Model: Acura NSX
Car Color: Red and Black
Status: Unknown

The Acura NSX is a famous car model of the Acura car brand. It is one of Tony Stark's cars, and it was seen being used by him when he drives it along with Bruce Banner near the end of The Avengers film.


The Avengers (film)Edit

After the battle of New York, The Avengers meet once again in the city to bid Thor farewell as he teleports to Asgard with the captured Loki, using the Tesseract's power.

After Thor leaves with Loki, the Avengers disband, with Tony leaving together with Bruce Banner and riding in Tony's Acura NSX. Tony drives the Acura NSX, with Bruce sitting in the other front seat. They both drove off to the unknown, just as the other Avengers had as well.


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  • Tony's Acura NSX's plate number is Stark 33.


The AvengersEdit


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