Major Allen
Technical Information:
Portrayed By: Tim Guinee
Appearances: {{{app}}}
Biographical Information:
Real Name: Allen
Aliases: Major
Affiliations: U.S. Military
Status: Alive
Age: Mid 30's to Mid 40's
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Nationality: American
Occupation: Major of the United States Military
Relatives: None
Ally Status:
Physical Information:
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Physique: Athletic
Other Features: None
"That thing just crossed our enemy's borderlines! Whiplash 2, if you have a clear shot, take it!!"
―(Iron Man) Major Allen talking to Rhodey while ordering the pilot of the jet, Whiplash 2.

Major Allen, also known by his military ranking as Major for short, is a Major of the United States Military, and was a recurring character that appeared in the Iron Man and Iron Man 2 movies.

He was the first major introduced to the trilogy series, as well one of the recurring characters in the film, that are situated in the military, the other being General Gabriel. He was portrayed by actor Tim Guinee.


Major Allen has black hair, caucasian skin and has only been seen wearing his military uniform.


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Iron Man (film)Edit

When Tony destroyed the Weapons Depo in Afghanistan, Major Allen was quickly alerted on the incident and ordered his mean to analyze the "bogey" and target it down.

Iron Man 2Edit

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  • Tim Guinee portrayed Major Allen in the first Iron Man film, and reprised the role in Iron Man 2.


  • Major Allen is the only character to have role as a Major from the United States Military throughout the course of the franchise.



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