Cold War
Air Date: May 8, 2009 (US)
Writers: Eugene Son
Episode Number: #4
Season Number: Season 1
Episode Chronology:
Previous Episode: Secrets and Lies
Next Episode: Whiplash
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"Cold War" is the forth episode of Season 1 in the TV series, Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


In hopes of exposing Stane as evil, Tony teams up with Blizzard, until he realizes that Blizzard wants to hurt Stane along with anyone else who gets in his way. As Iron Man, Tony reluctantly saves Stane, leaving Blizzard cryogenically frozen in Stark Tower.



  • O'Brian
  • Donnie Gill / Blizzard


  • Armors:
    • Iron Man Armor Mark 1
      • Thermal Gauntlets


  • New York


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