The Controller is a villainous character that appears in the TV series, Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


The Controller worked for AIM, but he actually becomes the Controller when he gains AIM technology, the Controller disks and helmet. When Tony is tricked into helping him, the Controller activates the disks on Tony's friends, making them do trials to kill Tony and Whitney Stane, known as Madame Masque.

AIM turns on him, and he's forced to flee. He reappears using Rick Jones, a friend of the Hulk, to get revenge on AIM. Meanwhile, Rick captures Tony with a Controller disk and Tony is forced to do his bidding. Rhodey shuts down Tony's suit brfore he can show or tell the Controller who he is. When at the main base of AIM, the Hulk manages to get the disk off of Tony and they both move to destroy him.


  • "Let's smash him together," Tony says...


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