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Dummy, also known as Dum-E, is a robotic hand helping machine created by Tony Stark when he was in MIT College. After graduating, Tony found some use for it and kept it for himself. It then became one of his main helpers in his workshop, together with another robotic, hand helping machine, called Butterfingers, which was controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S.

Dummy has it's own A.I. and sentiency, and has enough intelligence to understand Tony's orders as well as display emotion when talking to him. Tony and Dummy are close, up to the point that Tony cared for him as he helped Tony in his daily work and even got him in the end of Iron Man 3 to fix him up and become active once more.


Iron ManEdit

While Tony was working on refining his Iron Man Armor, Dummy was working right next to him to hold a piece of the armor's boot in place, while Tony fixed the plating of the armor piece.Soon enough,when Tony was testing the flight power of the boots, Dummy was on fire safety. Consistently Dummy set off his fire extinguisher prematurely, much to Tony's chagrin. He did however redeem himself later in the film, handing Tony his spare Arc Reactor after Obadiah stole his own. With barely any energy left, a desperate Tony looked up at Dummy and remarked, "Good boy."

Iron Man 2Edit

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Iron Man 3Edit

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He makes sounds similar to Bumblebee from transformers


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