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Extremis Armor
Technical Information:
Created By: Stan Lee
1st Issue Released:

Iron Man Volume 4 #5 (March 2006)

Armor Information:
Designer/Creator: Tony Stark
Users: Tony Stark
Armor Class:  Extremis Armor
Model Number:  Model 30
Mark Number: None
Color Scheme:  Red With Yellow
Status: Unknown
Armor Features:
Main Systems: --
Weapons: Repulsors, Unibeam
Defense Systems: --
Special Features:

Nanotechnology; Extremis

Other Features: --
Chronological Information:
Preceded by:  Hypervelocity Armor
Followed by:  Battlefield Argo Armor

The Extremis Armor (Model 30), was a famous armor that appeared in the Extremis Story Arc of the Iron Man Comics, within the Marvel Comics Universe, that was published and created by Marvel Comics.

It was created by Tony Stark, and uses a nanotechnology called Extremis that is connected to Tony's brain as well as uses a special that can be stored in his bones, which is called the Undersheath.

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