IM3 Hall of Armors

The Hall of Armors as seen in a secondary Iron Man 3 Poster.

The Hall of Armors is a room containing Tony Stark's Iron Man armors, and consists of two different rooms in the Iron Man films. This is the place where Tony stores all his Iron Man suits, either defunct or active, when or after he works on and utilizes them.

Even though Tony's Malibu Mansion was destroyed in Iron Man 3, only the first Hall of Armors was destroyed, containing suits Mark I-VII, leaving the second, containing suits Mark VIII-XLII, still active, only after the battle at the Roxxon Oil Rig. Afterwards then, Tony Stark then orders to activate the Clean Slate Protocol which results in the suits self-destructing.


Classic Hall of ArmorsEdit

The first Hall of Armors was created by Tony after the events of the first Iron Man film. The first version only had four containment units for armors Mark I to Mark IV. The second upgraded version contained Mark I to Mark VI. The third and final version contained Mark I to Mark VII. The Mark I displayed was a reconstruction, and the Mark III displayed was not repaired, still bearing its battle damage.

Hall of Armors ExtensionEdit

This is the second part of the Hall of Armors. It's an extension that is hidden under the basement of his house. It is directly connected up to his garage, on the platform, which is just a few meters below from the Classic Hall of Armors.

Armors ContainedEdit

Classic Hall of ArmorsEdit

Hall of Armors ExtensionEdit


Before Iron Man 2Edit

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Iron Man 2Edit

In Iron Man 2, the Hall of Armors is seen, when James Rhodes dons the Mark II to battle Tony.

Iron Man 3Edit

The Hall of Armors has been upgraded to a wine cellar where the Iron Legion is held. The original armors (Marks I-VII) are in the original place that they were in Iron Man 2. When Tony's house is attacked, the visible Hall of Armors is destroyed along with his house. When the "House Party Protocol" was ordered, Marks VIII-41 were activated and flew to the Roxxon Oil Station to fight the Extremis soldiers.


  • The Hall of Armors was based on the place of the same name in the comics, and both designs are similar to each other.


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