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Iron Patriot Armor

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Armor Statistics:
Designer / Creator:
Tony Stark (Base Design)
A.I.M. (Upgraded Version)
James Rhodes

Eric Savin (Once)
President Ellis (Twice)

Mark Number: War Machine Mark II
Code Name: Iron Patriot
Armor Class: War Machine Armor
Armor Type:
Heavy Combat Suit
Armor Color:
Blue, Red & Silver Platings
Armor Height: User's Height
Status: Defunct
Armor Features:
Power Core:
Arc Reactor
Armor Systems:
Status System
Prepulsion System
Repulsors (Repulsion Mark I)

Unibeam (Chest Repulsor)
Sliding Gun

Mini Guns (2)
Armor Composition:
Titanium Plating
Special Features:
Sliding Gun
American Flag Color Scheme
Armor Chronology:
Preceded By: Mark 22

The Iron Patriot Armor was an armor used by Lt. Colonel James Rhodes. It first appeared in the movie, Iron Man 3.

It was a painted version of the War Machine Armor Mark II and had a unique color scheme and armor design compared to its predecessors. Having a red, blue and white color scheme and a more slim and versatile body armor than before.

Armor DesignEdit

The armor has blue, red and silver platings overall. It's design takes on the appearance of the U.S. National Flag, and it has a star shaped outline around the armor's Unibeam. The Unibeam of the Iron Patriot is a vertical rectangular shaped one, and has a light red glow emitting from it, as well as with the helmet's eyes section of the armor.

Armor CapabilitiesEdit

As this armor is the painted version of the War Machine Armor Mark II, it has all of that armor's capabilities.

Armor FeaturesEdit

Sliding Gun Edit

The armor has a powerful gun equipped to its back. It is one of the main features of the armor, and makes up a part of its key features.

U.S. National Flag Design Edit

The armor's design takes on the appearance of the U.S. National Flag, and it has a star shaped outline around the armor's Unibeam.



The Iron Patriot Armor has standard based Repulsors.


The Iron Patriot Armor has a rectangular shaped Unibeam that is outlined with a white star around it. It is powered by an arc reactor.

Sliding GunEdit

The armor has a powerful gun equipped to its back. It is one of the main features of the armor, and makes up a part of its key features.

Mini GunsEdit

The armor is also equipped with one mini gun on each gauntlet, just like the Mark XIII, Mark 18, Mark 22, and War Machine Mark 2 armors.


Iron Man 3Edit

In response To "The Mandarin's Lessons", the armor was rebranded by A.I.M., who gave it a "patriotic" paint job . 

After "The Mandarin" kills a man as part of a "lesson" for the President, Rhodes is sent in the armor to hunt him down. Going to several wrong locations, he encounters an Extremis soldier who overpowers him.

Aldrich Killian used his powers to try to force Rhodes out of the armor and he finally ejects because the armor can't take any more heat damage, and is knocked out by Savin after dodging Killian's "fire breath". Eric Savin takes control of the armor and flies to Air Force One, pretending to be Rhodes in order to board it and capture the President. In the armor, Savin is more than a match for the President's bodyguards and kills several  of them before ejecting and sending the President to Killian in the armor.

The President is later trapped in the armor and hung above an impounded oil tanker to be burned alive on national TV, but Rhodes, Tony Stark and the Iron Legion arrive to help.

Rhodes manages to reach the President and uses one of the armor's repulsors to break a cable holding it up and swing to safety. Afterwards, Rhodes completely frees the armor, reclaims it (after telling the President he looks good wearing it) and uses it to fly the President to safety. The Iron Patriot armor has no other part in the final battle and is not seen again afterwards.

Other MediaEdit

Iron Man 3 - The Official GameEdit

The Iron Patriot Armor is a playable and an unlockable armor in the game. It is the last armor categorized under the Unibeam Blast section, with a Score Multiplier of x7.0.

  • Score Multiplier: x7.0
  • Special Power: Unibeam Blast
  • XP to unlock: 300,000 (Must unlock other Unibeam Armors first)
  • Stark Credits to build: 435,000 (After you unlock it)
  • Screenshot 2016-01-31-01-39-21-425
  • A suit with patriotic spin, equipped with the same weaponry as the WAR MACHINE suit.
  • Color: Red, Blue, and Silver
  • He have a star on his chest


  • This armor was based on the armor of the same name in the comics. Although instead of James Rhodes owning it like in the films, it was owned by Norman Osborn in the comics. Though later, James Rhodes wore it in the comics as well.


  • The Iron Patriot Armor and the War Machine Armor Mark II are both the same armor. With the War Machine Armor Mark II having only been repainted and turned into the Iron Patriot Armor.
  • The Iron Patriot Armor in Marvel Comics was originally worn by Norman Osborn(as mentioned above), and the name was an amalgam of Iron Man and Captain America



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