Iron Spider Armor
First Appearance:
Armor Information:
Creator / Designer: Tony Stark
User(s): Peter Parker
Model Number:  Unknown
Mark Number: None
Armor Color:  Dark Red, Gold
Status: Destroyed
Armor Features:
Titanium Armor Plating
Webbing System
Preceded By:  None
Followed By:  None

The Iron Spider Armor, was a suit built by Tony Stark during the events of Civil War. It is customized and built specially for Peter Parker, and resembles his Spider-Man suit. It appears in the comics and The Ultimate Spider-Man television series.

Unlike other armors, it has a variety of metal spider attacks such as open spider pincers. It has arm repulsors, and has a unusual chestpiece, which is a shield.

Armor DesignEdit

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Civil WarEdit

During Civil War, this armor was created by Tony Stark for Peter Parker to use while he was on his side.


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