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"Are you even pulling? Just represent. Pull!!"
―(Avengers: Age of Ultron) Rhodey to Tony as both try to lift Mjolnir.

James Rhodes, known as Rhodey for short, is a character that appears in the Iron Man Trilogy films, and is based on the character of the same name in the comics. He holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Military, and is now a member of the Avengers known as War Machine.

He was set as a secondary protagonist in all three Iron Man films, and was portrayed by two different actors, namely Terrence Howard in the first Iron Man film, and Don Cheadle in all subsequent films, such as Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3.

Rhodey is Tony Stark's best friend, as well as the Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Air Force, and became known as the War Machine later, after he stole the Mark II from Tony from his Hall of Armors, in the movie Iron Man 2. In Iron Man 3, his suit is repainted and he is rebranded as Iron Patriot.


Rhodey is African-American, and has mostly dark brown skin. He has short military-like hair.


Rhodey is highly educated and intelligent, as evidenced by the U.S. Air Force selecting him to be their official liaison to Stark Industries. In the first Ironman film he was noted to be wearing a class ring from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Rhodey is a man of uncommon loyalty.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Combat SkillsEdit

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe Rhodey is a United States Air Force fighter pilot, in the comics he is a United States Marine Corps helicopter pilot. In both continuities he is depicted as an expert shot with both rifle and pistol and a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.


War Machine ArmorsEdit


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Rhodey is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In the comics he is depicted as a Marine Corps combat veteran who later becomes a military contractor.

In the MCU, he is a officer in the United States Air Force. As both Rhodey and Stark sport M.I.T. rings, it could be inferred that is where they met and where their friendship began.

Iron Man (film)Edit

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Iron Man 2Edit

Tony's Court MeetingEdit

Rhodey attends the court meeting in Washington to discuss with the government regarding Tony's Iron Man armor. He walks into the courtroom, and Tony walks up to him and asks him what he was doing there. Rhodey replies that he will discuss with the goverment regarding Tony's armors. He then tells Tony to keep quiet and sit down as he goes to the lead row.

Iron Man 3Edit

While Tony has reclaimed the Mark II / War Machine from Rhodes, he has supplied him with a new armor called the Iron Patriot. The two meet in a bar and discuss the "The Mandarin", something that Rhodes doesn't want Tony to get involved in and the events of New York, causing Tony to have a panic attack and fly off in the Mark VII suit. Later, after Tony is apparently killed in an attack on his home and "The Mandarin" kills a man in a live broadcast to the President, Rhodes is sent to track him down.

He finds several wrong locations and is excited when Tony calls him and reveals he is alive. Tony asks for his login for A.I.M. which he has determined to be behind everything and Rhodes reluctantly reveals that his username and password which is WARMACHINEROX to Tony's amusement. At one of the locations he searches, Rhodes runs into an Extremis Soldier and is captured. Aldrich Killian and his Extremis Soldiers use tools and their powers to try to force Rhodes out of his armor and he finally ejects in an attempt to take them down hand-to-hand. However, he fails and is knocked out.

Left behind when Killian leaves, Rhodes meets up with Tony and the two interrogate Trevor Slattery who is the actor pretending to be "The Mandarin." Rhodes is shocked to learn the truth about Slattery, but learns where Killian will be and that Killian is after the President as well. Taking Slattery's speedboat, Rhodes and Tony head to the impounded oil tanker where Killian has his base while Tony remote controls the Mark 42 suit to try to rescue the President. Tony ultimately fails and the suit is disabled, but he rescues several crew and passengers. With no back-up and no armor, Rhodes and Tony make their way onto the ship to rescue the President and Pepper.

Rhodes is nervous about having an un-armored and armed Tony as back-up and the two end up pinned down. Recognizing the need for back-up, Tony has J.A.R.V.I.S. activate the "House Party Protocol" and bring in the Iron Legion, Tony's army of Iron Man suits to help them. Tony arms himself with a suit and heads to rescue Pepper, but is unable to give one to Rhodes as all the suits are coded to him only. J.A.R.V.I.S. aids Rhodes by using a suit to fly him to the President, but he is attacked by two Extremis Soldiers.

Rhodes manages to defeat them and reaches the President, using one of the Iron Patriot's repulsors to swing himself and the President to safety from an explosion. After freeing the suit and complementing how the President looks in it, Rhodes once more dons the Iron Patriot armor and flies the President to safety, leaving Tony and the Iron Legion to deal with Killian and his soldiers. Rhodey later watches as the Vice President is arrested and as Tony has the shrapnel removed from his chest.

Avengers: Age of UltronEdit

Rhodey appears in the sequel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In the movie he goes to Tony Stark's party to celebrate their victory over Hydra to retrieve Loki's sceptre. He and Tony attempt to lift Thor's hammer using the glove of their respective suits. They are unsuccessful and Thor calls them "not worthy". Later in the film he helps The Avengers in the fight against Ultron and at the end of the movie is part of the new line up of Avengers after Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Hawkeye left and is replaced by Falcon, Vision. Scarlett Witch, and himself.


"Next time, baby!"
―(Iron Man) Rhodey talking about wanting to get his own armor.
"We don't have to do this, Tony!"
―(Iron Man 2) James Rhodes talking to Tony Stark before blasting their Repulsor Beams at each other.
"You look damn good, Mr. President. But I'm gonna need that suit back."
―(Iron Man 3) James Rhodes commenting on how the President looks in the Iron Patriot Suit.
"Iron Patriot on the job!"
―(Iron Man 3) Rhodey to the captives in Pakistan.
"Sidekick *this*!"
―(Iron Man 2).

Other MediaEdit

Marvel's The Avengers: Iron Man - Mark VIIEdit

Rhodey appears here as a cameo in the digital comics, wherein he is seen fighting against Tony using the Mark II armor he stole from the Hall of Armors. Later on, he can be seen fighting with Tony in his War Machine Armor against the Hammer Drones; together with Tony in his Mark VI, which was based on the same scene found in the movie, Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 3 - The Official GameEdit

Rhodey appears in-game as on of the characters that help Tony on his missions. It is also presumed that when the player uses anyone of his armors, Rhodey is the one piloting it instead of Tony.


  • James Rhodes's character was based on the character with the same name in the comics, from the Mainstream Marvel Universe, Earth-616.
  • Terrence Howard portrayed Rhodey in the first Iron Man film, while Don Cheadle replaced Howard and portrayed Rhodey in Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron.


  • As revealed in Iron Man 3, Rhodey's Satcom login Username is "Warmachine68", and his Password is "WARMACHINEROX".


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