Maria Stark
Technical Information:
Portrayed By: --
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Biographical Information:
Real Name: Maria Stark
Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
Status: Deceased
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Nationality: --
Occupation: --
Relatives: --
Ally Status:
Physical Information:
Eyes: --
Skin: --
Hair: --
Physique: --
Other Features: --

Maria Stark is a character that is mentioned in the Iron Man trilogy films. She is the wife of Howard Stark and is the mother of Tony Stark. She never appears on-screen in any of the Iron Man films, and has only been mentioned.


Iron Man (film)Edit

It is shown in a presentation that both Maria and Howard died in a car accident.

Iron Man 2Edit

Howard Stark calls for Maria when Tony is disrupting Howard's work.


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