Space Armor Mark II
First Appearance:
 Iron Man #278
Armor Information:
Creator / Designer: Tony Stark
User(s): Tony Stark
Model Number:  Model 10
Mark Number:  Mark II
Armor Color:  Red and Yellow
Status:  Unknown
Armor Features:
Repulsors, Unibeam
Preceded By:  Oversized Armor
Followed By:  War Machine

The Space Armor Mark II (Model 10), was an armor created by Tony Stark, and was the second version of the Space Armor model.

Tony Stark wore the New Space Armor while traveling across galaxies with the Avengers during Operation: Galactic Storm. It could provide full life support for several weeks.

Armors Design Edit

A new space armor design intended to function for weeks on end without maintenance, recharging or restocking of resources. It was able to evade the sophisticated sensors on Kree and Shi'ar spaceships as well as interface with their technology. It also possessed an extremely powerful self-destruct mechanism via its fusion reactor.


Used against Kree forces during Operation: Galactic Storm.


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