Modular Armor
First Appearance:
 Iron Man #300
Armor Information:
Creator / Designer: Tony Stark
User(s): Tony Stark
Model Number:  Model 13
Mark Number:  None
Armor Color:  Red With Yellow
Status:  Unknown
Armor Features:
Preceded By:  NTU-150 Armor
Followed By:  Hulkbuster Armor

The Modular Armor was an attempt by Tony Stark to eliminate the need for special-purpose armor, as specialized components could be added or removed from it easily.

The Modular Armor is also the armor used by Iron Man for the Capcom fighting games Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes.

Armor DesignEdit

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  • Weapons systems - modular armor is extremely flexible module system, which also includes different types of weapons themselves, such as:
    • repulsors
    • flare-gun with explosive charges
    • Compact cryogenic plant
    • Devices of electric discharges
    • Plasma rays
    • electromagnetic pulse
    • Semi polymeric compounds
    • Special adhesive
  • *Other devices and systems - modular armor also has many other modules and devices, some of them inherited from the previous Mark, Mark 13 has the following equipment and systems:
    • magnetism control device
    • Thermocouples to absorb heat
    • Scanners (including a very sophisticated and steep)
    • Analyzers with adamantium tips
    • The electromagnetic field generator
    • Generator Magnesium gravitational fields
    • Device for inputting pure adrenaline
  • Speed At least superluminal speed of movement; Attack speed at least of superluminal, nanosecond reaction


This section is under development. Information will be placed here soon.


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