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Original Grey Armor
 Iron Man Armor MK I 001
Technical Information:
Created By: Stan Lee
1st Issue Released:  Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963)
Armor Information:
Designer/Creator: Tony Stark
Users: Tony Stark
Armor Class:  Original Grey Armor
Model Number:  Model 01
Mark Number:  Mark 1
Color Scheme:  Grey
Status:  Unknown
Armor Features:
Main Systems: --
Weapons: Repulsors
Defense Systems: Magnetism
Special Features: --
Other Features: --
Chronological Information:
Preceded by:  None
Followed by:  Golden Armor

The Mark I Armor was created by Tony Stark and Asian scientist Ho Yinsen based upon a prototype military heavy combat battlesuit designed by Stark himself. It was primarily used as a means of escape from the Sin-Cong terrorist organization.

Armor DesignEdit

Armor Metal ChemistryEdit

The MK 1 Armor is comprised of chemically treated synthentic Mono-Crystalline Iron microplates linked into a similar way to skin cells. The Metal is resistant to heat, cold, various forms of natural and radioactive energy, acidic attacks, and most kinds of small and medium caliber firearm projectiles.

Power SourceEdit

The MK 1 Armor is powered by an ARC central generator which is housed in the center of the armors chestplate. The generator powers both Stark's electromagnetic pacemaker, designed to keep Stark's heart from being stopped from imbedded shrapnel, and the suits main electricly powered micro transistors, which frequently have to be recharged directly from a electrical power cord.

Weapons SystemsEdit

The MK I system contains various weapon systems all designed by Stark or Stark Industries.

The MK I contains:
  • Magnetic Repulsor Gauntlets.
  • ARC powered Particle Beam Generator located in central chestplate which can emit a Monobeam, Proton Beam Generator, and a basic Heat Beam.
  • Mini Flame throwers (in gauntlets)
  • Gauntlet arm mounted Micro-Munition guns.
  • ARC generated magnetic force attraction/repulsion field.
  • Miniature finger mounted buzz saw (in gauntlets).
  • Suction Cups to adhere to walls and other sheer surfaces.

Flight SystemsEdit

The MK I armor contains Pressurized Jet Nozzle Boots which while they cannot create direct flight can allow its user to perform guided power jumps of less than 1 mile.

Minor VariationsEdit

  • In Tales of Suspense #39, this suit has no skirt protecting its hip joints. In Tales of Suspense #40, it has a skirt.


Tales of SuspenseEdit

The armor was created by Tony Stark, with the help of Ho Yinsen, when he was captured by terrorists in Afghanistan. The armor possessed an electromagnet in order to keep shrapnel from reaching Stark's heart, and it was used by him to escape captivity and avenge Yinsen's death at the hands of their captors.

When he returned to the United States, Stark perfectioned this armor into a second version technologically upgraded, which was Mark II.


  • This armor was repainted to become the Golden Armor.
  • While the Golden Armor was originally the same suit as the Original Grey Armor, Tony Stark has one of each color in his armor archive (as seen in, e.g., Marvel Knights Spider-Man #20, where we see May Parker in the grey suit and Mary Jane Watson Parker in the gold suit.). Presumably, Stark recreated the grey armor out of nostalgia.


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