Ready, A.I.M., Fire
Air Date: --
Writers: --
Episode Number: #10
Season Number: Season 1
Episode Chronology:
Previous Episode: Ancient History 101
Next Episode: Seeing Red
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"Ready, A.I.M., Fire" is the tenth episode of Season 1 in the TV series, Iron Man: Armored Adventures.


At a school science fair, Tony is approached by the Controller on behalf of A.I.M. and tricked into making a mind/machine interface work. The head of A.I.M., angered that this may compromise their M.O.D.O.K project orders all efforts on the interface to cease and Tony and the others exterminated. However, Tony has already been successful, allowing the Controller to take over his friends. Now Iron Man must step in and save the day, only to find his life being saved in the process by a girl named Whitney, who is revealed to be the daughter of his greatest enemy.



  • Scientist Supreme
  • Basil Sandhurst


  • Iron Man Armor
  • Controller Disks
  • Controller Helmet


  • Tomorrow Academy


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