Recorder 451
Character Data:
Created By:
  Kieron Gillen, Greg Land
First Appearance:
 Iron Man Vol 5 #6 (April 2013)
Editorial Names: --
Real Name: Rigellian Recorder 451
Aliases:  None
Affiliations: None
Status: Deceased
Gender:  Masculine programming
Nationality:  Extraterrestrial


Relatives: --
Ally Status:  
Eyes: Red
Hair:  None
Height: --
Weight: --
Other Features: --

Recorder 451, also known simply as 451, is a character that appeared in the special comic issue series, The Secret Origin of Tony Stark. He is a Rigellian Recorder, and is known as a very deadly assassin. He is the main antagonist throughout the course of the series, and knew Howard Stark and Maria Stark, where he agreed to help them succeed in giving birth to their son Tony Stark.


451 is a blue and green android, with silver colored plates.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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The Secret Origin of Tony StarkEdit

451 is revealed to be a rogue Rigellian Recorder, who met Howard Stark and Maria Stark years before Tony was even born. He helped them succeed in giving birth to Tony, as well as implanting Kree technology within him to advance the level of technology in the earth, using him to do so.

With this, 451 was able to use Tony Stark to help him in piloting the 25,000 tall foot armor as a nuclear deterrent, which was called the Godkiller Armor. After a failed attempt by Tony to try and stop the Godkiller from destroying Hope's Postule, which was an inhabited planet, 451 muses and is disappointed at Stark's failure to stop the armor from doing so, (Unknown to him that it never actually worked), he sets the destination course for Earth.


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