Repulsors are units that can project energy into space. They are the main features and weapons used by Tony Stark's Iron Man armors in the Marvel Cinematics Universe.


The Repulsors are units connected through Tony's Arc Reactor, to get its energy and it can be used as a flight source as well as a weapon. Its primary function is propulsion. The repulsor style of energy is created by taking excess electrons and turning them into muons, which can penetrate deep into atomic matter, are then feed to the hands and chest piece of any iron man suit. The suit then can generate the powerful blasts as seen in the films by taking in air through the suit and running it to an Isolated section behind the palm. An electric current is then run through a section of the gaunlet attached to the palm to create a small amount of plasma. Because of muons electromagnetic properties, the plasma and muons can be fired from the hands and chest to create repulsor blasts as a primary weapon. The plasma generated from the repulsors can be used as thrust similar to certain space rocket engines.


When used for propulsion, multiple repulsors are able to attain flight through correct and maintained flight stabilization.


There are two types. As seen in Civil War, he can either utilize the non lethal type where the repulsors only push away someone, such as that one scene where Ironman shoots it at Falcon. He can use the lethal type, which looks like a laser, and can crack through concrete.


Iron Man (film)Edit

Repulsor technology was created by Stark Industries before the events of the movie and utilized in the Jericho Missile system. This technology was then applied as the method of propulsion for Tony Stark's "Pilot without a plane;" the Mark II suit. After the creation of the Mark III suit, Tony discovered that the hand-mounted flight stabilizers had offensive capabilities and employed them against the Ten Rings to destroy a weapon's depot and later against Obadiah Stane in the Iron Monger suit.

Iron Man 2Edit

Fighting each other, Stark and Rhodey learn that if two suits fire their repulsors at each other, it will create a massive explosion in between. During the final battle with Ivan Vanko, Rhodey in his War Machine armor and Stark in the Mark VI, defeat Vanko by firing their repulsors at each other with Vanko in the middle, creating an explosion that disables Vanko, but doesn't kill him. He subsequently self-destructs himself and his drones.

Iron Man 3Edit

When his house comes under attack, Stark dons his prototype Mark 42 suit and uses its repulsors to defend his house, unsuccessfully. He later uses a portable repulsor to blast Eric Savin, which under normal circumstances would have killed him, but he survives due to the increased healing factor induced by the Extremis serum.

This is apparently only a one-use repulsor though as Stark discards it afterwards. When Stark summons his suit, the right gauntlet equiped with a repulsor is the first piece to arrive and he uses it and a machine gun to kill the guards holding him hostage. During the final battle, all the suits of the Iron Legion use their repulsors against the Extremis Soldiers, ultimately killing them all.

While rescuing the President, Rhodey uses one of Iron Patriot's repulsors to cause the armor, himself and the President to swing to safety from an explosion. Detecting that Pepper Potts has Extremis, the Mark VIII suit targets her with its repulsors, but she destroys it by punching it through the arc reactor. Pepper then takes its right repulsor and blasts a missile she kicked in front of Aldrich Killian, creating an explosion that kills him.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Helicarrier's flight system is powered by Stark's Repulsor technology.


  • The Repulsors were based off on the technology with the same name in the comics.


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