The S.D.C.A., known fully as the Suit Development Contest Armor, is a special Armor that was created by The Ruler Of Awesomeness (K.J) and won as the best armor in the Suit Development Contest. The armor was made available for use in the Iron Man 3 - The Official Game.

Armor DesignEdit

It has the same armor design as the Mark 42, and has gold and black plates in overall color.

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Iron Man 3 - The Official GameEdit

The SDCA was a special armor designed by Kevin Johnson, and won in the Suit Development Content. The armor is actually just a re-coloration of the Mark 42, with red plates replaced with black plates instead.

  • Score Multiplier: 2.0
  • Special Power: Frost Charge
  • Game Description: Congratulations to Boody Elbialy who designed this Suit Development Contest Armor (S.D.C.A) in the Iron man 3 -- The Official Game contest!


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  • Although it was designed by Kevin Johnson and won the Suit Development Contest, it's design is just a re-coloration of the Mark 42 armor. With the red plates of the Mark 42 replaced with black ones instead for this armor.



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