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The S.D.C.A., known fully as the Suit Development Contest Armor, is a special Armor that was created by Boody Elbialy and won as the best armor in the Suit Development Contest. The armor was made available for use in the Iron Man 3 - The Official Game.

Armor DesignEdit

It has the same armor design as the Mark 42, and has gold and black plates in overall color.

Other MediaEdit

Iron Man 3 - The Official GameEdit

The SDCA was a special armor designed by Boody Elbialy, and won in the Suit Development Content. The armor is actually just a re-coloration of the Mark 42, with red plates replaced with black plates instead.

  • Score Multiplier:
  • Special Power:
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  • Although it was designed by Boody Elbialy and won the Suit Development Contest, it's design is just a re-coloration of the Mark 42 armor. With the red plates of the Mark 42 replaced with black ones instead for this armor.


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