Stark Credits is the main type of currency used in Iron Man 3 - The Official Game. It is used to build armors, make Upgrades or buy Boosters.


Stark Credits are classified into three types, each one having their own unique amount and appearance.

Stark CreditsEdit

Stark Credits is the standard type of currency among the three types of Stark Credits. It carries only a single value or amount, and has a bright red glow in color.



Vibraniums are an advanced type of Stark Credit, that has five times the amount of a single, standard Stark Credit. Like Vibranium, it is colored blue with a glow, hence it's name.

Gold VibraniumsEdit


Gold Vibraniums are another advanced type of Stark Credits that has ten times the amount of a single, standard Stark Credit. It is colored Gold with a glow.


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  • Although Vibraniums and Gold Vibraniums have their own names, they are still considered Stark Credits when collected overall.


Iron Man 3 - The Official GameEdit

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