Sunturion is a character that appears in the comics. The identity is taken up by two individuals.


The Invincible Iron ManEdit

The first Sunturion was seen as a protector and creator of the Roxxon Space Station, which also known by it's name as Star Well. When Iron Man finds about this, he goes after Sunturion. He removes the self-destruction on the station, and then meets up with Sunturion. Both engage in a fight, and end up losing their energy. However, as they were fighting, the station loses control as well as it's orbit, until it starts falling towards Earth.

After the battle, both of them notice the station crashing to Earth, and they try to work together to prevent that from happening. Sunturion, tries to stop it first, but when he teleports to the stations main control systems, he is unable to do anything since Iron Man removed it's self-destruction ability.

Sunturion returns to Iron Man, and tells him that it's no good, just when Iron Man returns the news as well that he could disrupt it's crash-course to Earth by a mile or two if he only needed more power to shooy his Unibeam to move the station.

Due to the dire situation of Earth in danger, Sunturion, knowing he created the station to help mankind, helps Iron Man by pleading him to try and shoot once more to the station, to which Iron Man reluctantly agrees.

As Iron Man blasts the station, Sunturion attaches himself to Iron Man, causing a surge of energy to blast right out of his Unibeam, moving the stations crash-course right into the sea, rendering both sides victorious, but at the cost of Sunturion's life, marking the death of the first Sunturion.


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