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Ten Rings Flag

The Ten Rings Flag.

The Ten Rings are a group of terrorists that attacked and captured Tony Stark and killed his military escort. They seem to operate mainly in the remote mountain cave complexes in the Kunar region of Afghanistan.

Their base layout includes tents covered with desert camo in mountain valleys at a cave entrance. As seen it is in the first Iron Man movie, they had large quantities of Stark Industries weapons, mainly missiles, before Tony in his first suit proceeded to set fire to it and blow up the supplies. In Iron Man 3, this symbol is shown numerous times during the movie. It possibly has something to to with the Mandarin or Aldrich Killian.

Group LeaderEdit

Their leader was a bald tan-skinned man named Raza who had to wear special goggles for a short time after Iron Man escaped due to one of Tony's suit's missiles exploding near his head.

Their leader also was hired by Obadiah Stane to kill Tony Stark who proceeded to paralyze him and kill all his men after he found all the suit pieces of the Mark 1 and handed them over.

But some of them got away in time as one of them gave Ivan Vanko some of the pieces of technology Tony had created.

After Raza was killed, Trevor Slatery, who is also known as the Mandarin, took charge of the group, along with help from his boss, Aldrich Killian.


  • Raza
  • Abu Bakaar


Iron ManEdit

Tony was captured by terrorists from the ten rings during his  trip to Afghanistan to present the Jericho Missile to the US Military.The terrorists later took all the remaining Jerico Missiles for their own use untill it was destroyed by Iron Man much later .

Iron Man 3Edit

The Ten Rings group resurface and now have a new leader called the Mandarin. Their actions prove worse than their previous goals and start bombing famous places around the world.


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