Tesla Roadster
Basic Information:
Appearances: Iron Man
Car Information:
Owner: Tony Stark
Car Brand: Tesla
Car Model: Tesla Roadster
Car Color: Gray
Status: Unknown

The Tesla Roadster is a car model from the Tesla car brand. It is one of Tony Stark's cars, and can be seen in his large garage in the film, Iron Man.


Iron Man (film)Edit

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  • Filming in hangars that once belonged to Hughes Aircraft Company founded by the not unlike Stark figure, Howard Robard Hughes Jr. In early 2007, Robert Downey Jr. heard about a Hughes like man, Elon Musk (CEO SpaceX and Tesla). SpaceX headquarters lay only 10 miles away and Downy ended up getting a tour from Musk, which blew his mind.

Having found some inspiration on the tour and in Elon Musk. Downey asked director asked to place a Tesla Roadster in Tony Stark's workshop. A revolutionary car that at release date of the movie wasn't avaliable to the public.'


  • It is unknown what the plate number of Tony's Tesla Roadster is. This is shared with the Saleen S7, the Shelby Cobra and the Rolls Royce Phantom.



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