Tony Stone's friend James "Rhodey" Rhodes is conducting an excavation in China, where a city believed to be lost will be brought to light. But a terrorist group called Jade Dragons tries to prevent the excavation; Rhodey is abducted in the last violent action of the rebel group. When Tony, who has anger with his father and the executive board of Stark Enterprises, is traveling to China, he is also captured by the rebel group. He is severely injured by Rhodey and a Chinese medicine man. The doctor explains Tony what the Jade Dragons is all about. They want to prevent the Mandarin, which dominated China 3,000 years ago, to be aroused. Tony makes friends with Li Mei. The rebel is a direct descendant of the Mandarin and her father was the last dignitary who was to pass the gift to his son. Da Li Mei, however, remained his only child, and she settled in the Jade Dragons. Through the excavation, four warriors are conjured, reflecting the elements. These are looking for 4 rings.

Tony is blackmailed by Jade Dragons to build a device to sink the city. However, Rhodey and he secretly arm an armor and plan their flight. In a confrontation, it is finally Li Mei, who helps the two escape. Back in the United States, Tony and Rhodey are accused of firing gunmaking to the rebels, so the police are behind them. However, Tony manages to sneak into a secret lab where the armor is stored, which can also be used as weapons. He decides to rescue the four rings with Rhodey and stop the Mandarin. In fact, he can retrieve a ring and destroy three of the elementaries. For the final confrontation he has to go back to China where he is working with Li Mei. When he destroys the last spirit and has all four rings with him, he hands it over to Li Mei. This, however, is Tony, and invokes the Mandarin for her part. Tony has to fight a dragon, while Li Mei makes contact with the Mandarin. The dragon can almost stop Tony, but Tony survives seriously injured. Meanwhile, the Mandarin took possession of Li Mei. But Tony can convince her to resist the Mandarin. She puts the rings back and the Mandarin disappears. However, he eats a last energy beam that kills Li Mei.

Back in the United States, Tony is released from all charges. He can also settle the dispute with his father.


  • Tony Stark (Main Character)
  • Pepper Potts
  • James Rhodes
  • Howard Stark
  • Mandarin
  • Wong-Chu
  • Boyer
  • Agent Drake 
  • Li Mei


There is a lot of CGI, 88% of the movie is CGI, 12% of movie is drawn


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