Character Data:
Created By:
  Roy Thomas, John Buscema
First Appearance:
 Avengers #54 (July 1968)
Editorial Names: --
Real Name: Ultron
Aliases:  Crimson Cowl, Omega

Masters of Evil

Status: Unknown
Gender:  Male
Nationality:  N/A



Henry Pym (Creator)
Vision ("Son")

Ally Status:  
Eyes: Red
Hair:  None
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 535 lbs (243 kg)
Other Features: --

Ultron is an extemely intelligent and powerful robot that was created by Hank Pym. During its activation the robot accidentally gained sentience and became one of the Avengers' most dangerous and powerful foes. He killed The Avengers in the film, The Next Avengers.

Abilities & WeaponsEdit

Ultron possesses a wide range of powers and weaponry, which he uses for total human annihilation, and make a world only for robots. Ultron has two concussion beams, as well as ten pairs of Ultra-Freon beams. He can fly, lift over 300 tons, and withstand the radiation of the sun. He can stretch and shapeshift. Ultron can also generate advanced weaponry.


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Other VersionsEdit

Ultron has had lots of upgraded versions of himself, each one more powerful then the last. Every version had at least 1 different power and ability. Version 1 had the power to control hydrogen atoms and travel to different dimensions.

Version 2 could bend particles, make blasts made of atoms, and create rifts in time and space.

Version 3 possessed an ability that could manipulate telekinetic energy, create things out of nothing, and control a person's mind.

Version 4 can extend particles, run fast, and regenerate.

Version 5 possessed the powers of every psychotic robot, and his past version.


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