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The Unibeam is a secondary repulsion blast that comes out of Iron Man's RT. It has to be used wisely, as if it is used too much, it can rapidly drain the suit's power. It has also been shown that it can be used as a search light. First used by the Mark II armor, the Unibeam has to be charged, therefore it has been used rarely.


The suit's entire power can be diverted into the Unibeam to perform the blast which can defeat even the most powerful beings like Thor or Hulk . Like in Iron Man the video game and 2 the other systems nearly go down. It cannot be used while in flight mode, only in hover or ground mode.

It must only be used in complicated times. It uses 20-30 percent of battery power. In the Mark VII, it was used many times without using too much battery power. The reason is of the Arc Reactor built in Iron Man 2.

Types and ShapesEdit

Energy RedirectionEdit

The armor's energy can be redirected into the Unibeam shoot a powerful blast that can repel or obliterate any object.


Iron ManEdit

Tony created the Unibeam while refining his Iron Man armor. To project energy out from his reactor, he designed a powerful weapon and projectile unit, which gave birth to the Unibeam. It was first equipped and tested on the Mark II. Tony uses it to rescue a family while battling Iron Monger though it only knocks Iron Monger out of the fight for a moment.

Iron Man 2Edit

The Unibeam is improved as a new improved Arc Reactor was created, powered by the element Vibranium.

Iron Man 3Edit

The Unibeam was powered by the new Vibranium Arc Reactor Mark II. During the battle on Air Force One, Tony kills Eric Savin by blasting him with the Mark 42's Unibeam through the chest at point-blank range. Even with his Extremis powers, Savin was unable to survive the Unibeam at that range.


  • The Unibeam is based on the weapon of the same name and function from the comics.


  • the first unibeam used only in the mark 2 was fired direcly from the arc reactor, but every suit after that had an actural unibeam.


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