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The War Machine Armor, also known as the Variable Threat Response Battlesuit, was an armor that was created by the Tony Stark then modified and upgraded from the original armor Mark II by the U.S. Military, which debuted in the movie, Iron Man 2.

It made it's debut in the movie when it was presented at the Stark Expo, piloted by Lieutenant Colonel James Rhodes, as a part of a new military team held for the U.S. Military along with the Hammer Drones.

Armor DesignEdit

The War Machine Armor has a metallic and silver color plating on it's overall armor design. Since it was formerly the Mark II, only transformed by being weaponized and customized, it retains all the signature features of the Iron Man armor, and is only bulkier and heavier in appearance.

The armor is equipped with a machine gun attached to the left, and two large shoulder packs which carry a powerful, but worthless missile inside of them.

Armor CapabilitiesEdit

This armor has all the capabilities of previous Iron Man armors.

Armor FeaturesEdit

M134 Mini-gun Edit

The War machine armor had a rotating Minigun mounted on it's left shoulder in most of the comics, but in the Iron Man 2 film however, it was mounted on the right shoulder.



It is said by Hammer that it Was supposed to bust the bunker under the bunker you just busted. In the fight between Vanko, it failed to detonate, due to the close range Rhodes fired it, rendering it useless.


The War Machine Armor is equipped with the standard based Repulsors.


The War Machine Armor has a regular circular-shaped Unibeam, that is able to fire powerful blasts of energy. It's Unibeam color is red, indicating that it was heavily customized, together with it's systems, to match military strength and energy-like power, and unmatchable strength.

M134 MinigunEdit

The War machine armor had a rotating Minigun mounted on it's left shoulder in most of the comics, but in the Iron Man 2 film however, it was mounted on the right shoulder.


The lower right shoulder part features a hidden 4 - missile pack (this is where the ex wife is but on the right side). War Machine never got to use this feature.

Gauntlets Edit

On the War Machine armor, on the gauntlets (forearms) there are sub-machine guns, these are shown to be the War Machine armor's main weapon used in conjunction with the miniguns, while the minigun does its own thing (as in keeping out for attacks from behind and a lot of other things) the gauntlets are controlled by the pilot used to gun down any enemies that get in the way.


Iron Man 2Edit

During the night at Tony's Birthday Party, he goes drunk while wearing the Mark IV Iron Man armor, which enrages his best friend Rhodey, who stood up for him against the government regarding his property of the Iron Man armor.

When Pepper fails to stop Tony in being reckless from his drunken state, Rhodey, knowing that there was no other choice, heads down to the garage and dons the Mark II from the Hall of Armors. Tony and Rhodey battle to a stalemate when they fire their repulsors at each other, creating a massive explosion. Disgusted, Rhodey delivers the Mark II to the military and it is rebuilt by Hammer Industries into the War Machine.

The War Machine, with Rhodey still as its pilot, is unveiled at the Stark Expo along with the Hammer Drones. Tony arrives in the new Mark VI armor and tries to warn Rhodey, but he is uninterested until Vanko takes control of the drones and the War Machine armor and uses them to attack. War Machine and Iron Man battle each other while Tony tries to stop the drones at the same time. Eventually, Natasha Romanoff restored control of War Machine to Rhodey and together he and Tony took out the remaining Hammer Drones. They then had to face Vanko himself in a powerful suit of armor and were unable to defeat him even working together. Remembering their earlier fight, Tony has Rhodey fire the War Machine's repulsor at the Mark VI at the same time Tony fires at him, causing an explosion in front of Vanko, destroying his suit and defeating him. By the end of the battle, the armor had lost its minigun. Vanko self-destructs himself and his drones, but both Iron Man and War Machine escape. Rhodey later finds Tony and Pepper kissing and Tony demands the return of the armor but Rhodey refuses, citing that his car was destroyed in the battle. Rhodey then flies off in War Machine.

Before Iron Man 3Edit

Following Iron Man 2, Tony retrieves the armor from Rhodes and reverts it back into the Mark II suit. However, he gives Rhodes the new Iron Patriot suit instead.

Other MediaEdit

Marvel's The Avengers: Iron Man - Mark VIIEdit

Retelling the story of Iron Man 2, the War Machine Mark I appears in the scene where Rhodey uses it to fight alongside Tony Stark against the Hammer Drones.

Iron Man 3 - The Official GameEdit

  • Score Multiplier: x4.0
  • Special Power: Striker Missile
  • Game Description: Based on the Mark II armor, the WAR MACHINE suit is equipped with extra armor and a shoulder mounted chain gun.


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  • The War Machine Armor is the only armor to share the same armor unit with another, since it was originally the Mark II, only transformed into the War Machine Armor.
  • This is the first armor to feature a red-colored Unibeam, the second being the Mark 16, and the third being the Mark 26



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